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What Type of People Come to Las Olas?

People who come to Las Olas seeking recovery are from many walks of life. Our ‘home away from home’ is a welcome refuge for many. People who come to Las Olas arrive with the mission of getting their lives back on track, detoxing from harmful substances, and addressing their addiction in a safe, supportive environment with their peers.

Our Location Coastal Mexico is an Oasis of Calm

With our beautiful landscape, rocky beaches, and unique location, we see many surfers, sea captains, and others who love the great outdoors and a chance to re-connect with it. Land lovers such as professionals and executives also come to us searching for a place of solace and hope away from the everyday stresses of city life. There is something about the tranquility and power of rugged nature that helps people explore their inner life and connect with the world again, without the use of drugs. Calm waters and gorgeous weather can be a cathartic experience when you’re first getting clean. Addiction recovery workers also love to visit, reboot, and enjoy the serenity of our unique location.

Las Olas is a place of comfort, support, and recovery. While you’re here, you can detox from substances and begin to shape a recovery plan that transforms your life. You may find solitude while you are here, but you will never be “alone.” You will always have access to a caring, supportive staff and group of peers with the same goals in mind – to find peace and hope as they begin their recovery journey.

Speaking Spanish may be helpful, but it’s not necessary at all. Most of the people you meet will speak English. We ask that you be respectful and appreciative of the diversity in this area. We have many Mexican workers on our staff and, of course, there are many in outside 12-step meetings. (If you’re looking for a way to practice Spanish, most of the speakers you encounter are more than willing to help you practice.) Addiction and recovery don’t discriminate, and we all have important experiences to share.

Las Olas is a refuge from the busy life where there is little to get in the way of recovery. Located in a secluded and private location, many of our clients enjoy their stay nested in the culture of the thriving art community, and take advantage of the local surf opportunities as they transition to a life of living clean and sober.

Our building is in a hidden spot, down a dirt road, about 10 minutes from Todos Santos, Mexico. While you’re here, you will enjoy the beautiful weather, calm waters and incredible views overlooking the landscape of Baja California farmland as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Our Recovery Model

We model our treatment using the 12 steps, which help thousands of people get and stay clean and sober every year. We believe that having a supportive network of people who have walked the same path you’re starting is an essential part of staying clean and sober. We also believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction. Living life in balance is a meaningful way to achieve acceptance and serenity, no matter who you are or where you come from.

When you first arrive, we will help you detox from drugs and/or alcohol. Because everyone’s detox experience is different, we have a compassionate and skilled Mexican medical staff monitor you and help you be as comfortable as possible. Our treatment staff will support you through any emotional distress or physical discomfort you experience as your body rids itself of toxins. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help you heal.

Learning Recovery Basics…And More

Addiction is a disease that you will manage for life, even if you’re not using drugs or alcohol anymore. There are behaviors that you’ll want to change and grow out of.

While you’re with us, we’ll help you learn the basics of recovery, and strive to help you find your balance as you plan your next steps. We’ll help you learn about relapse and how to avoid it, help you learn about managing negative emotions, and build a plan to stay clean in your everyday life.

Life in recovery is more than not getting drunk or high anymore. In addition to practicing the 12 steps, we have a focus on holistic, healthy living for all of our visitors. We want you to thrive and use new coping skills throughout your life.

We offer surfing, yoga, and healthy meals during your stay.

Our caring and compassionate staff can help you make decisions for your next steps in recovery, setting goals, managing relationships, and living the healthy and vibrant life that you deserve to live, one day at a time.