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About Las Olas

Located in Baja California Sur, Las Olas is a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and early drug rehab program that sits atop a hill overlooking a huerta and the Pacific Ocean. While Las Olas offers privacy and retreat, our goal is to make the detoxification process as comfortable as possible in a safe, monitored environment. We understand not only the exhaustion and frustration one feels while battling addiction, but also the same exhaustion and frustration felt by the family and friends of those struggling.

In order to best treat and encourage lifestyle changes, Las Olas aims first to treat immediate symptoms of discomfort from withdrawal. This is achieved through a personalized medical treatment program and frequent monitoring. Next, low intensity psychological therapy is introduced to allow the body and mind to acquaint itself to a new found sober life. Since drugs and alcohol are commonly used as stress management, the importance of constant support and slow progression into treatment is paramount. As you begin to feel better physically, you may enjoy yoga, meditation, massage, and walks to further relax and ease anxiety.

Finally, you will be introduced to individualized psychological treatment and more vigorous activities. You can expect to participate in activities such as surfing, fishing, yoga and hiking, to get your blood pumping. With each deep breath you take, the flicker of life that dimmed during your active addiction will begin to spark again. You will find that as each day passes, you feel stronger and of more mental clarity. To conclude your treatment, Las Olas will introduce you to a 12-step program to establish a necessary foundation to find health, peace, and ultimately rediscover life in recovery.

A Letter From John.

Allow me to share with you a part of my story. I was a semi-pro surfer in my late teens to early twenties, at which time I also fell into addiction and crime. This led me to three years in a Mexican prison at the age of forty-five. Upon release, I went into treatment in Long Beach, CA and hadn’t been to the beach in years. I swam through dirty water and trash until the water was clear and cold, rolled onto my back, and gazed up at the blue sky. I thought to myself, “What have I done with my life”? I realized how blessed I was to be alive. I had taken life for granted. Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of peace came over me – everything was going to be ok! I later realized that that was the presence of a “Higher Power.” I embraced the 12-step Program of A.A., worked in treatment and have been sober ever since. That was 25 years ago.

Having taken a lot out of Mexico, I now have the opportunity give something back. Lydia, my wife of over 20 years, and I founded Las Olas Recovery Center focused on surfing, nature, and finding joy in life and recovery. In early sobriety, I asked my wife why I had been blessed with sobriety while so many have not. She answered in true surfer’s fashion, “You hit the bottom and made the turn!” This is our slogan and main focus, to help others begin the wonderful and rewarding path of recovery and to find that overwhelming sense of peace.

In the summer of 2015, I was honored with an induction into the International Surfer’s Hall of Fame. This was for my surfing, but it also recognized my work and service in the treatment community. I put my foot and hand prints in concrete in Huntington Beach, CA along with my wife’s quote “Hit the Bottom, Make the Turn.” My hope for you, is to make that same turn.

John Davis,

Hear John talk about his story as featured on an episode of Slow Baja Podcast: John Davis Hit Bottom And Made The Turn.