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Obtain Health

Our holistic and individualized approach to detoxification combines traditional medical treatment with a homeopathic, natural approach. From cleansing the body of drugs and chemicals to implementing a healthy Baja-style nutrition plan, treatment of the whole body is of the utmost importance. Features of our services include:

  • Medically managed detoxification
  • On-site physician
  • On-site nursing staff
  • Homeopathic approaches
  • Health conscientious Baja-style food


In order to best treat our clients, Dr. Anzures and the medical team assess each person individually. This assessment will be based on severity of drug and alcohol use prior to arrival as well as the severity of presenting withdrawal symptoms.

Our goal is for clients to be comfortable, safe, and informed of the various options available for their detox program treatment. Dr. Anzures specializes in practice of both traditional medicine as well as addiction medicine. He implements both approaches in his treatment strategy and prescribes medications that will prevent dangerous, life threatening seizures, ease anxiety, and taper opioid users to avoid drastic withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the drugs used, clients can expect a time span of 3-7 days spent in a comfortable setting in a large airy bedroom. During the initial medical treatment phase, activity will be light. However, opportunities to participate in group therapies, short walks, and meditation sessions are available and encouraged depending on how one feels. As you get better, our drug rehab program will help you adjust to a new life free of alcohol, opiates, or your drug of choice.

To truly achieve optimum health, sleep and good nutrition are basic yet necessary requirements. As Las Olas is in Baja California, an array of meals true to the region are offered. You can expect fish tacos, tasty salads, freshly caught Dorado, Tuna, or the like, juices and smoothies, as well as fajita style chicken and steak.