Licensed Addictions Counselor

Maria Topete

Maria works with clients at Las Olas Recovery to overcome their dependence on drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors.  She holds advanced degrees in Addictions. Her areas of expertise include education, prevention and counseling.  Maria guides clients to develop strategies to reduce the risk of relapse, building cognitive behavioral skills that enable them to be aware of thoughts and emotions; identify how situations, thoughts, and behaviors influence emotions; and improve feelings by changing dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors.

Personal Interests
Jewelry Making


Medical Director

Dra. Yanet Reyes

Dra. Reyes is the Medical Director at Las Olas Recovery. She studied Medicine at Escuela Libre de Homeopatia de Mexico in Mexico City, an institution founded on 3 premises:

  • The freedom of professional education.
  • The possibility for the working classes to acquire an education at a higher level.
  • The adherence to orthodox canons in the teaching and practice of homeopathic medicine.

A dedicated doctor in the local community, Dra. Reyes says, “I consider myself an apprentice in this world full of new things to know, every day.”

Registered Nurse

Enf. Nayeli Castro

Educated at the Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica (CONALEP), a public educational institution of higher level in Mexico, Nayeli is an exceptional nurse.  Always ready with a helping hand, Nayeli is a team player.  Her happy nature and good sense of humor combined with a strong work ethic endear Nayeli to clients and staff alike.  She has a passion for pets, movies, and Mario.


Perla Estrella, Housekeeping


Técnico de emergencias médicas

Leyton Diego, EMT


Lina Amelia, Masseuse

Doctor en Medicina

Dra. Ivet Monroy

Universidad de Guadalajara

Doctor en Medicina

Dr. Alan Anzures


John E. Davis, Founder


Lydia Smith-Davis, M.Ed.

Dr. Emmanuel Reynoso, Psychiatrist

Logan, Activities Director