Medical Director

Dr. Luis Jamil Bonilla

Dr. Luis Jamil Bonilla serves as the Medical Director and onsite physician at Las Olas Recovery Center. He is a formally trained surgeon and homeopathic doctor in addition to providing routine medical services and procedures. Dr. Bonilla has historically worked as an ER Doctor in La Paz, Mexico where he served as the lead physician treating detox patients. Throughout his 15 year-long medical career Dr. Bonilla has provided treatment for a variety of clientele, both in rural and formal medical settings. He has successfully used homeopathic treatments to serve detox patients as an adjunct to traditional medical interventions. Dr. Bonilla says that “healing others” is his goal related to serving the clientele of Las Olas Recovery Center. He believes in creating specialized, integrative treatments that address the health of the whole person. While under the care of Dr. Bonilla you will experience his compassionate and gentle bedside manner, and feel confident in his medical expertise.

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Dra. Alma Ramos

Dra. Ramos is the onsite Psychiatrist at Las Olas Recovery.  She earned her medical degree at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City and Specialist in Medicine (Psychiatry) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, “considered one of the best universities in the world, for its extensive academic work, as well, one of the most active in artistic and technological matters”.  A former State Coordinator for Mental Health and Addictions, Dra. Ramos assesses depressive episodes; anxiety disorder; disorder of emotions and behavior; schizophrenia; and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Her easy going manner and infectious laughter are a welcome addition to the Las Olas Recovery Team.

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Medical Doctor

Dra. Yanet Reyes

Dra. Reyes is one of several medical doctors at Las Olas Recovery.  A former student of Dr. Bonilla’s, Dra. Reyes studied Medicine at Escuela Libre de Homeopatia de Mexico in Mexico City, an institution founded on 3 premises:

  • The freedom of professional education.
  • The possibility for the working classes to acquire an education at a higher level.
  • The adherence to orthodox canons in the teaching and practice of homeopathic medicine.

A dedicated doctor in the local community, Dra. Reyes says, “I consider myself an apprentice in this world full of new things to know, every day.”

Visual & Wellness Arts Instructor

Lauren Gamboa

With nearly a decade of instructional experience in the arts, Lauren has been a competitive figure skater, an NFL cheerleader, sculpture technician, dance teacher, film production & fine art gallery manager, as well as an instructor in the visual, performing and healing arts. She holds an M.F.A. in Sculpture & New Media from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and studied at the Rome, Italy Campus. Lauren has taught in primary & secondary schools, non-profits and hospitals, creating curriculum in two and three-dimensional foundations, including multimedia, video and stop animation. Via creative consulting, Lauren helps youth and adults dealing with depression / addiction by facilitating collaborative and creative project opportunities. She is a certified yoga instructor, and since 2012 has provided coaching services that help young athletes stay in sports longer and in better health.

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M.Ed and Co-founder

Lydia Smith-Davis, M.Ed

An educator at Las Olas Recovery, Lydia earned an Associates of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Orange Coast College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from California State University, Long Beach. In addition, Lydia holds a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, a California Teacher Librarian Credential and Master of Arts degree in Education.  She is a Commissioned Minister of Religion in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and an accredited Leader with La Leche League International. At Las Olas Recovery, Lydia teaches Treatment Basics, Addiction Basics, Recovery Basics and MORE, My Ongoing Recovery Experience.

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Director of Operations

Troy Feinberg

Troy is the Director of Operations at Las Olas Recovery Center. Through experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge related to both the process of recovery and the required day to day operations for maintaining a successful recovery setting. His skills have been developed through building and operating a successful business along with battling the challenges of addiction and recovery. Troy first encountered the majesty of Southern Baja in 1971 and has been captivated by it’s energy ever since. By age 11 he announced with certainty “I am buying an island in Mexico and surfing for the rest of my life”. Since 1978, Troy has spent the majority of his life in the area known as Baja California Sur. In previous phases of his life, Troy struggled with addiction and subsequent legal repercussions. Currently, he has dedicated himself to his sobriety and plays an active role in the local recovery community.  He is keen to the unique challenges that the clients of Las Olas face and utilizes this knowledge to aid our clients while on their path to recovery.

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Licensed Addictions Counselor

Maria Topete

Maria works with clients at Las Olas Recovery to overcome their dependence on drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors.  She holds advanced degrees in Addictions. Her areas of expertise include education, prevention and counseling.  Maria guides clients to develop strategies to reduce the risk of relapse, building cognitive behavioral skills that enable them to be aware of thoughts and emotions; identify how situations, thoughts, and behaviors influence emotions; and improve feelings by changing dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors.

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Doctor en Medicina

Dra. Ivet Monroy

Universidad de Guadalajara

Doctor en Medicina

Dra. Citlali Lara

Medicina de emergencia


Lina Amelia

Doctor en Medicina

Dr. Miguel Martinez

Medical doctor.

Técnico de emergencias médicas

Leyton Diego, EMT


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