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Find Peace

Las Olas is a relaxing environment where the rhythmic sound of crashing waves replaces the hectic, jarring sounds of the city. Psychological healing and peace are cultivated through one-on-one therapies, yoga on the beach, meditation and various therapeutic modalities such as:

  • Counseling and psychotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Recovery education
  • Group therapy
  • Surfing
  • Massage
  • 12-step recovery programs

After your initial drug or alcohol detox period, we will help you ease the transition into a sober life. The team at our drug rehab will gradually introduce psychological treatment to address issues previously buried beneath drug and alcohol use. Group time will create an environment to listen to others’ struggles and personal steps towards recovery while encouraging self-reflection. During the initial healing stage, this can be a source of great comfort and support. In individual therapy, therapists will align with you in developing a plan to accomplish your goals and address your fears. He or she will help you carve out who are without drugs and/or alcohol by encouraging an open dialogue to help you realize your strengths.


Close enough to see and hear the Pacific Ocean outside of your window, you will find that relaxation and peace come naturally. When you return home, or to your next treatment option, be assured that that feeling of peace will be accessible to you at any time. Our goal in introducing a spiritual aspect to your life is to help equip you with tools to access that peace and manage stress. These tools, or coping mechanisms, will help you manage the inevitable ebbs and flows of life in a productive and healthy way. Through special guidance with our meditative therapists, practice of yoga, encouragement of making a spiritual connection, and practice of a 12-step recovery program, you can expect to find at least one avenue towards that peace that will work specifically for you.