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Coping With Loneliness In Recovery

Getting sober is an excellent choice that has so many benefits it's hard to list them them all. It's the right decision for anyone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs and wants a better life. Addiction is an empty and dead end road. While getting sober is difficult at first, there are many people who are willing to help you walk the path of recovery. You may have a lot of fears when you first get sober. For many newcomers, there is a fear of loneliness, especially in their first 30 days clean and sober.

 Following suggestions is integral to making it in recovery. One primary suggestion for newcomers is to avoid people, places, and things associated with your drug and alcohol use. This suggestion means no bar-hopping, no alcohol or drugs in your home, and no hanging out with people you used to get high or drunk with. Now, more than ever, there's the potential for feeling loneliness in recovery. COVID-19 has made people more isolated -- at least physically -- than ever before.

Give Yourself a Chance

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. Even animals feel lonely! So it makes sense that you feel loneliness when you first get sober. You don't know anyone else who is sober yet! On top of that, COVID-19 has made it so you can't get hugs and comfort from others in recovery in person. That's a lot to deal with when you're newly sober. 

Loneliness is a painful emotion, but it's not going to last forever. Recovery offers many opportunities to make new friends and connections. You will also learn some coping skills along the way.

You deserve to stay sober and find serenity. So, please give yourself a chance. Accept where you're at (it's hard, but it's possible) and start from there. Using coping skills and other tools can help ease your mind, learn to make new friends, and even live in the moment. 

Coping Tools for Loneliness

COVID-19 has made the act of coping with loneliness a little trickier for the short-term. However, there are many ways you can begin to feel more social and less alone! Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Attend your 12-step meetings online. AA and NA meetings are going on around the country, as well as your local area. Check your local websites or call a local hotline to learn more. (Linked above!)
  • Speak daily with your sponsor. You can text, video chat or make a call. Your sponsor can be a lifeline to sanity when you're feeling out of sorts, and they can also give you suggestions for coping,
  • Attend other online activities with other sober people. Do you play online games? Want to watch movies together? Try meeting up to play a game or video chatting while streaming.
  • Find other sobriety-related events to attend. Facebook Live, Instagram, and Twitter all have 12-step participants that host events. Try a sober-themed concert or participate in an online chat with people around the globe.
  • Find a "sober buddy" or online support group that is outside of 12-step meetings. Contact your local mental health department to see what options they offer.
  • Practice self-care. Simple acts such as going for a run, taking a long bath, or listening to uplifting music can change the course of your day.
  • Treat yourself when you hit a milestone! While you won't get any medallions from meetings right now, you can reward yourself when you reach a clean/sober goal like 30 days. Consider ordering out for your favorite meal, buying a new t-shirt, or something else wholesome.

Staying the Course

Recovery is not always fun or easy. Sometimes you'll need to hold on to your new friends and sponsor for dear life. Don't be ashamed of being lonely or feeling isolated. Everyone feels this way sometimes! Reach out, attend online meetings, and ask for help whenever you need it.

Sometimes you'll need to ask others for ideas to ward off loneliness. It can be hard to ask for help, but the lifestyle that comes with addiction is infinitely complicated. Give yourself a break.

You may feel lonely, but you're never alone. Remember than when you are feeling down!

Getting Help for Addiction

Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. You can reclaim your life - but you first must ask for help! We offer recovery in a calm, peaceful, holistic environment. You'll start your journey in state-of-the-art facilities with the aid of experienced, professional addiction specialists. You'll also have access to gorgeous ocean views and opportunities for surfing, reflection, and experiential therapy to help you find peace in your journey. Contact us at US (949) 279-1376 • MX (612) 153-5726 to learn more. 



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