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Is Binge Drinking An Addiction?

Binge drinking is relatively common in the United States, even though it’s highly dangerous. A person who binge drinks will drink many drinks over a short time. About 40% of college students admit to binge drinking during the school year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. And while it’s common, a binge drinker is always in danger of alcohol poisoning or overdose if they mix drugs or medication with their alcohol use. A person who binge drinks may not drink alcohol every day. However, when they drink, they drink to get drunk.

Alcohol Is Addictive

Whether a person binge drinks or drinks to excess every day, they can become physically and psychologically addicted to alcohol. In addition, alcohol can cause withdrawal symptoms or become a compulsion; some people can’t stop drinking once they get started.

Many people have a bad relationship with alcohol and use it as a coping skill. When a person is addicted to alcohol, they develop a tolerance and may drink more to get the same effects. They may ignore bad side effects like hangovers or poor judgement and continue to drink despite negative consequences such as trouble at work, legal issues like DUI's, and relationships suffering.

Binge Drinking Is An Alcohol Use Disorder

A person who binge drinks may be confused or believe they don’t have a drinking problem. The stereotype of a “problem drinker” is usually derelict, homeless, or even violent who starts drinking early in the day. Rarely does the media show a person who “drinks too much,” but only on the weekends, or “only in social situations.”

People who binge drink may feel like they don’t have a drinking problem because they don’t drink every day or suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms. However, people with alcohol use disorder have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. If alcohol affects your life negatively, or once you start drinking, you can’t stop, you might have an alcohol use disorder.

You don’t have to be physically addicted or be an “alcoholic” to get help for your substance use. However, if your drinking or substance use is causing problems in your life, recovery is available!

Getting Help for Binge Drinking/ Alcohol Use Disorder

If you or somebody you love has an alcohol use disorder, we can help! The first step to getting help is making a call. Then, we can help you start your journey to recovery in a safe, serene environment. Give us a call at US (949) 279-1376 or MX (612) 153-5726 to learn more about getting started.




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