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Safety, Serenity, and Sobriety in Mexico

Some people who want to "get away" when they decide to get sober, choose a facility in Mexico. Locations in Mexico can offer gorgeous, secluded facilities, personal attention and fantastic scenery. They can also help you get sober, once and for all under the care of true professionals.

Baja California Sur offers a scenic, serene environment away from everyday life's worries and bustle. For many people who truly want to get sober, Las Olas Recovery is a sacred place where they have been able to lay the foundation of their recovery journey.

Do Your homework

If you're interested in treatment in Mexico, do your homework. Not every facility that offers recovery housing, treatment, or other addiction services is legitimate. Some scams can be quite scary if you fall victim. Make sure you do your homework on the facility and learn about the background and staff. Are there licensed addiction professionals, doctors, or clinical staff on-site? Are clinical staff in recovery? How long have they worked in the recovery profession?

Ask facilities for references. While most recovery programs respect anonymity, they will usually have family members or past participants willing to speak with potential clients. While Las Olas is in a part of the country that is considered safe and secure, there have been scams in some other parts of the country.

Do you need to know Spanish to go to treatment in Mexico? In the area in which Las Olas is situated, there is a mix of Americans and others who speak English. Most of the people who work in the area are bilingual. However, not every treatment center in Mexico will have bilingual staff, which can leave you feeling lonely if there is a language barrier.

Ensure the treatment center is in an area considered safe for tourists and has been established in the area for a while. Check with the State Department for specific travel advisories.

What Other Amenities Are Available?

Many people who are getting sober need one-on-one interaction and encouragement in their first few days of detox and beyond. Support and compassion go a long way toward helping a person get through the hardest first few days. A treatment team willing to help clients talk about feelings and offer guidance is essential.

A small treatment staff like Las Olas can help you have an intimate, relaxed environment that focuses on your needs. Larger environments can be overwhelming and unsafe for people with any kind of special needs.

Holistic, fresh foods can help settle stomach woes and feed your body the nutrients it needs. Make sure to find out what type of meals are planned. What activities available, such as playing volleyball or going surfing? Mexico offers some wonderful surf opportunities for people who love the waves.

Detox in Mexico

Las Olas offers an intimate, caring environment that focuses on helping you detox and transforms your life into a journey toward wellness. We offer healthy, fresh food and a community environment meant to help you learn to thrive on your recovery journey.

Call us at US (949) 279-1376 • MX (612) 153-5726 to learn more about how we can help you begin your recovery journey.




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