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Stimulants Increasingly Tainted by Fentanyl

Many people who use drugs are aware that fentanyl is a growing problem, but it’s often associated with opioids. However, the game has changed when it comes to illicit drugs. Fentanyl has been found in over 80% of the US illicit drug supply. For people who don’t use opioids, it can cause a deadly overdose. For others, it can lead to a deadly addiction to fentanyl. People who use stimulants like cocaine and crystal meth may not realize that the “foggier” high the drugs give them is related to fentanyl. Some overdose before they can tell the difference between the tainted drugs.

Why Is Fentanyl in the Stimulant Supply?

During the pandemic, supply chains were often interrupted, and people increasingly rely on the internet to get their drugs. Now, some drug dealers don’t even have to ever look a customer in the face. Through WhatsApp and Snap Chat, people looking to score find what they need and pay through an app. Neither the drug user nor the drug dealer knows much, if anything, about each other.

Most of the fentanyl in the US is manufactured overseas, probably in China which has the fewest regulations when it comes to narcotics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The powder then moves to their partners in cartels and large-scale drug operations. Somehow, during this process, fentanyl may be added. However, drug dealers on the street level have also admitted to adding it to the drug supply.

What Stimulants Has Fentanyl Been Added To?

Fentanyl has been added to the cocaine supply nationwide, and it’s not clear how or why. People who are opioid-naïve, who don’t use opioids recreationally, may overdose if they snort pure fentanyl. Other people believe that they are buying drugs like Adderall or other forms of speed, only to end up overdosing on a pill that only contains fentanyl.

The drug market has changed remarkably in the past several years. It’s easier to get drugs than ever via social media. Apps are also a huge part of the problem. Drug dealers can approach people in relative anonymity and offer them drugs like cocaine, Molly, Adderall or meth and people may take them up on the offer. Drop-offs often happen at the mailbox in the middle of the night, away from the watchful eyes of street cameras.

Getting Help for Stimulant Use

Many people use stimulants as a way to “catch up” at work or at school, without realizing they’re becoming addicted. Sometimes it’s hard to break free on your own. You can break free, however, and begin to live your authentic life again. But first you need to get help.

Addiction is a progressive and harmful disease that can cause havoc in your relationships, career, and life. You don’t have to fight yourself! Help is available to treat the harm that addiction has caused you. Learn more about how we can help you get sober in a safe, serene environment where you learn to reclaim your life. Give us a call at (949) 279-1376 or, in Mexico: (612) 153-5726.



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