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The Benefits of Traveling to Mexico for Drug Rehabilitation

There is so much to be taken into consideration before deciding upon a drug rehab program. One of the most important decisions is whether or not to stay close to home or leave the area.

Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, but many clinicians recommend pursuing initial treatment away from all familiar settings and people. The reasons are numerous, here are a few:

Remove Oneself from a Challenging Situation

Remaining in close proximity to the places that the newly sober person associates with drug or alcohol use causes an increased likelihood of relapse. Ingrained relationships with friends or family can serve as a trigger to relapse. Sometimes the best possible thing that someone in need of recovery can do is remove themselves from the situation to focus on recovery.


No Easy Way to Leave Treatment

It reduces the temptation to instigate a relapse if it is very inconvenient to do so. Adults attending a rehab facility is basically voluntary, even though it may have been court mandated. If the person wants to leave, they can. It is much easier to leave treatment while enrolled at a local facility closer to home. A friend could provide quick transportation and before you know it, the person returns to the exact same toxic environment as before. That same recovering person may think twice if it means that they have no immediate way to get home. That added barrier may be enough to keep a person participating in the treatment process when it becomes uncomfortable or hard to continue.

It only takes a short period to act upon a relapse. Even in the most compliant of cases, there are moments of doubt and difficulty during the recovery process.  It's best to make the decision to check out of the facility logistically challenging.

Zero Distractions

When seeking drug rehabilitation, it is important to focus on the person struggling with the problem. There are outside contributing factors, but the first and foremost factor is to get to the underlying cause of use. Even though it may seem normal to want your loved ones close to you, the client may be distracted on the relationship with their loved one. When attending a remote treatment center, the patient has no other option but to stop worrying about what is going on at home and just focus on getting better. Often, it is not until that moment that the final walls go down and the person can focus exclusively on getting better.

Obtain Health, Find Peace, and Rediscover Life

Get centered and find sobriety at Las Olas Recovery, a state of the art clinical detoxification center in Baja California (Mexico). Contact our intake department by calling (949) 279-1376 (in the United States) or (612) 153-5726 (in Mexico).





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