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Why Is Group Therapy Important For People In Recovery?

Many people get sober through the assistance of detox and drug treatment programs. Most of these programs offer therapy, both one-on-one and in a group setting. While one-on-one therapy is important, group therapy is one of the most common therapies used in clinical drug rehabilitation. In addition, people who choose inpatient treatment often become a tight-knit support group, even after they leave the program.

Understanding Group Therapy

Group therapy is an intimate environment that helps people in recovery learn to trust and empathize with others. By participating in this therapy, you are also learning to be open-minded and willing to do what it takes to stay sober. Helping others and being honest about yourself is one thing you will know to do in group therapy.

You will also learn to listen actively in a group setting, offering feedback and supporting your peers. As you listen, you'll discover that you are not alone.


Many people feel like their circumstances, and addiction are somehow not the same as others. It's easy to compare yourself to others' physical appearance and feel you have nothing in common. However, in recovery, you will learn that substance use disorder does not discriminate. It's a disease of the brain, after all.

Benefits of Group Therapy In Recovery

Group therapy is a great way to create a safe place to share your true feelings. Listening to others will help you learn more about your addiction. In addition, you will learn to communicate better by asking questions and taking constructive feedback.

In therapy with others, you'll learn that you're not alone. Addiction is something that touches the lives of people all over the globe. It has symptoms and triggers that you will learn to cope with. Recovery also takes place worldwide through treatment centers and 12-step programs.

As you learn to live your life in recovery, group settings can help you overcome challenges. Even when you are finished with treatment, 12-step groups with your peers can help you keep your recovery on track.

Getting Help For Addiction

If you or somebody you love is struggling with substance use, we can help. At Las Olas, we have medical staff available to help during the detoxification phase, and we are here for you to learn how to transform your life into one of health and peace. Give us a call at US (949) 279-1376 • MX (612) 153-5726 to learn more about our programs.



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