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The Benefits of Leaving Home for Drug Rehabilitation

Getting help from a  clinical program is a crucial first step towards healing and recovery. The typical starting place is a safe detox center with a medical staff on duty.

Traveling to a detox center away from home gives you the time and space to focus on yourself, away from distractions and outside responsibilities.

The Importance of Medical Oversight During Detox

It is not safe to detox from a substance that you are physically and mentally dependent on while remaining at home.  For some drugs, including alcohol and benzos, you can actually die from withdrawal.

When you’ve been using a drug regularly, it isn’t safe to stop using cold turkey without medical supervision and monitoring. While you’re detoxing, your body is going through painful, often dangerous changes. If you go into a detox center with a trained medical staff on site, they will monitor your withdrawal symptoms to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible.

In Early Recovery, Outside Stressors Can Trigger a Relapse

Relationships, even the best ones, are frequently difficult and complicated. Though your friends and family want you to be safe and healthy, they really don’t know how to help. While you’re detoxing and in early recovery, you will be prone to emotional mood swings as your body is adjusting to the absence of your drug of choice. You’re especially vulnerable during the early stages of withdrawal, and you should be in a protected environment, where life is focused solely on safe withdrawal and ongoing recovery from addiction.

If you detox away from home, you’ll be safely distanced from conflict and emotional triggers so that you can focus on safe withdrawal and ongoing healing. After you’ve regained some emotional equilibrium, you may choose to stay in rehab for a longer period to work through some personal issues that trigger your substance use. Once you feel grounded and comfortable in sobriety, you and your doctor can decide when it’s safe to return home and resume regular work and family routines.

A Remote and Confidential Detox Can Protect Your Privacy

Especially if you’ve been using an illegal drug, there are people involved in your life that you may wish to avoid while in early recovery. Also, by going to a detox center away from your home area you can protect your privacy from well-meaning but intrusive friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Positive Surroundings Can Influence on Your Ongoing Recovery

Our surroundings have an enormous influence on our emotional stability. Choosing to detox in new surroundings where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature can have an enormous impact on whether you succeed in long-term recovery. You need to have the freedom from outside influences and worry to focus on yourself and your mental, physical, and emotional health.  You have a lot of healing to do, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Once you’ve safely completed acute withdrawal you may choose to stay in the rehab center for early recovery. This could ground you in new, healthy habits and practices like yoga to deal with stress.

While it can be scary to reach out for help with detoxing and recovery, nothing is scarier than active addiction. The end result of seeking help to recover is a healthy life, free from the prison of addiction.

Getting Help for Addiction

There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, sisters, mothers, husbands and brothers who need professional help to detox. The disorder is a disease of the brain, and there is treatment available. Getting sober is the first step to recovering.

We can help you start the path towards healing in a beautiful, peaceful, comforting environment. Give us a call at US (949) 279-1376 • MX (612) 153-5726.



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